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Dentistry has been used to dealing with bacteria and viruses for a very long time and our infection control procedures are at the highest level. We have always used hand hygiene measures, single use items and reprocessed multi-use items through ultrasonic cleaning and autoclave sterilisation. You can be assured that we will always follow the best procedures we can to protect you and us from all bacteria and viruses. This video explains more.

Tooth Whitening

We can give all the information you need to make an informed decision in regard to bleaching your teeth.  There are no gimmicks here!  The Dentists and Hygienist at Victoria Park Dental Care will talk you through the best and safest techniques for tooth whitening customised to your teeth and situation. Bear in mind that tooth whitening is not permanent and will need ‘topping up’ over time.  We will discuss with you considerations on how white is white, how your teeth may react, what the fillings will do and how the change in colour will suit your complexion and other facial features.

Crowns, Implants and Dentures

Your dentist will explain the options for you and your budget to get the best result for our function and look of your teeth or replacement teeth with crowns, implants or dentures.  We use technicians based in Australia – in fact in the city of Adelaide who use high quality materials at all times.  Our Dentists and Hygienist will teach you how to maintain any crowns, implants and dentures for the long term.  Not every tooth can be restored to great function and looks in which case implants and dentures may be required.  Your dentist will explain all the options to you with the advantages and disadvantages for each available treatment, to assist in your decision making process.  We specialise in comprehensive care for you and if we can’t provide that in the scope of our skills we will refer you to someone who we feel can provide the best possible care to you and your teeth.

General dental care

Due to habits, trauma, diet, genetics and life in general teeth can be worn down or affected by disease at different levels. We will discuss all aspects of treatment with you so we can work together to make you and your teeth comfortable, aesthetic and functional. Our Dentists will restore your teeth to function for you with a high level of skill so that you are pleased with the result.

Children’s Dentistry

Your child’s first visit to the dentist is very important.  Their baby teeth are also very important as they keep the space for the permanent teeth to erupt into.  We want to make your child’s visit to the dentist as comfortable as possible. Just let them know we are going to count their teeth and leave the rest to us. There are prizes for children coming to the Dentist to have their teeth counted! Our reception area is child friendly with toys and books to keep little people happy while their siblings are having their teeth counted by the dentist or young people with orthodontic appliances are having their teeth cleaned by the hygienist.

Hygiene care

Our hygienist is best placed to assist you to keep your teeth clean and gums healthy. Bacterial plaque left on the teeth from eating and drinking causes gum inflammation. If this is not adequately removed with brushing and flossing then the plaque can spread below the gum line and this may lead to periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is a chronic inflammation of the gums and can lead to loss of one or many teeth. The Bacteria can also access the blood stream to potentially lead to issues elsewhere. Recent research has linked periodontal disease with Heart Disease, Stroke and Diabetes.

Care for the elderly

As we all age our saliva flow reduces (which is not improved by some medications) and root surface areas are further exposed.  With reduced saliva flow reduces the ability to removed food from around the teeth and root surfaces.  The root surfaces are more susceptible to decay.  With regular check ups your dentist and hygienist can assist to mineralise the root surfaces and protect against the decay.  They can also recommend products and equipment to assist with cleaning and protecting the root surfaces. Victoria Park Dental Care has wheelchair access.  Please let us know and we will arrange access for you.